Fakultät M

Im Gebäude der Medien-Fakultät konzentriert sich die komplette Fakultät mit Hörsälen verschiedener Größen, Laboren und Studios, alle mit modernster Technik ausgestattet, sowie den Büros der Mitarbeitenden und Lehrenden.

Study abroad

The faculty M+I supports temporary studies abroad. There are three possibilities for doing this

Study semester abroad
The student stays at a foreign university for one semester. There he visits courses and writes exams. Often the exams can be recognized for his studies. (for further information read below)

Practical semester abroad
The student can do his practical term in a foreign company. The requirements are the same as for German companies. It is best to consult the faculties internship office if you like to do your practical term abroad. Useful links to internship vacancies can be found at the International Office.

Writing your thesis abroad
The student can write his or her bachelor or master thesis in a foreign company or university instead of a German one. Besides the thesis' foreign supervisor the student needs a second supervisor from the faculty M+I. With him or her it is best to talk about details.

For study semesters, practical semesters or theses abroad there are various funding possibilities. You can gain information about them at the International Office of the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. The funding programs often have early application deadlines which have to be considered.

Recognition of modules from foreign universities

The formal recognition of exams from abroad has to be approved by the international coordinator of the faculty M+I and the chairman of the examination board, the recognition regarding the content has to be approved by the respective professor.

It is best to plan semesters abroad with the support of the International Office. In particular a "Learning Agreement" is neccessary which has to be signed by the international coordinator. 

For the basic studies we will not recognise exams from abroad. All the credits of the first two semesters in Offenburg must have been achieved in order to be eligible for a semester abroad.

In the main studies of the program Media and Information Sciences we can recognise one module from abroad with at least 5 ECTS credits as new in-depth module of one specialisation field.

In the main studies of other study programs we can recognise one module from abroad as module of your program if the appropriate professor (mostly the module representative) approves the match regarding the content, the international coordinator verifies the efford in ECTS credits and converts the given mark and the chairman of the examination board approved all this.